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"I am very proud and fortunate to be appointed with NIA. The staff is great and goes out of their way to meet my needs. I really appreciate the great website and the carriers that I can contract with. The webinars are very good and much needed. The paid commission plan is very agent friendly and very fair. Thank you to all at NIA."

- S.G.

"NIA is a great company. You guys try to give as much training as you possibly can and that's great. I may not know everything I need to know but as I get more comfortable with selling insurance, you guys do help me out when I have questions."

- B.R.

"I am impressed with the way you are dealing with ACA."

- D.R.

"I like the website and that you can create your own website as an agent."


"I believe NIA overall does a very good job. Everyone I have dealt with there is very polite and eager to help. And NIA does what it says it will. Keeping your word and being honest is more important to me than anything. I come from a time when a mans ' word was his bond, and NIA does that and I appreciate it greatly. I believe Larry to be a very trustworthy owner who actually cares for the agent and that is an oddity now days. And lastly, Amanda is awesome! Whatever you pay her, you should double it! She is the best."

- P.L.

"I would like to see you partner with local companies like BCBS and other localized health plans. From my experience in the last year with health reform, the big national companies like GR, Assurant, and Humana have not been as competitive as BCBS and other local health plans, at least in MI where I market. With all companies now on a level playing field, when it comes to underwriting it seems as though companies like GR, Assurant, and Humana will lose their pre-reform competitive advantage. I see this as a trend moving forward."

- B.P.

"I have been extremely pleased with the service that I have received from NIA. Commissions have been timely and Kathy has been very helpful…very pleased with the direction that NIA has taken."

- A.K.

"I feel that NIA is very much on point with the agent being their first priority. They do a great job in making sure all questions are answered and every tool is available to process production in a speedy fashion while keeping accuracy in their accounting. I would recommend NIA to any agent whether seasoned or simply beginning their career."

- F.P.

"I think it's a very agent friendly agency."

- D.W.

Despite some of the things that are going on in Washington, DC

Larry and Kathy:

Despite some of the things that are going on in Washington, DC we still live in the greatest country in the world. It is the spirit of independence that they cannot take away from us that makes us rich in mind and spirit.

I am thankful to you guys for your steadfastness of purpose and resolve to come up with innovative ways to help and encourage agents during these challenging days. We don't exactly know how the "health industry is going to play out" but like I share with other agents . . .the insurance industry is like a fresh baked apple pie. Health insurance "under 65" is only 1 slice. There are 7 other slices left. Health over 65 - Life - Final Expense - CI - DI - Dental and Annuities.

I am grateful to be associated with a company like NIA and NCC, you are really there for the agents and you do make a big difference. It is companies that are innovative and creative like NIA and NCC that make America great.

I come from a third world country and REALLY do appreciate the opportunity that this country has to offer, probably more than the average American because when a person is "born into the opportunity" . . . sometimes it is easily taken for granted. This is a great country with unlimited opportunity for those who will embrace it.

I just got my green card 5 years ago and will be getting my citizenship this year . . .so tomorrow is a special day for me, and yes I have an appointment at 9:00 for a final expense presentation, but when I count my blessings I realize that NIA is a big contributor my success and I just want to make sure you guys know it.

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.


Daily Pay is the Best

Incredible First-Month Income

Dear Larry,
What NIA did for me was give me a vehicle to start a business for as little as $1000. that generated a return on equity of 10 to 1, in my first month of business. I haven't seen a model like that since I became a stockbroker in 1988. I was A million dollar producer on Wall St. for twenty years and never thought another model like it existed, I was wrong NIA has it!!!!!
Thank you,
B.V. (income first month $10,000)

A Strong Relationship

NIA is quickly becoming one of Golden Rule's largest key distribution partners, and we are excited about our affiliation with them. Our relationship with NIA could not be stronger - we are pleased with their long term growth prospects and look forward to many solid years in partnership with them.


NIA Stands Out

NIA is quickly becoming one of Golden Rule's largest Key distribution partners, and we are excited about our affiliation with them. I agree, our relationship with NIA could not be stronger with any other MGA, IMO or Agency nationwide. I believe NIA's training is the best I have ever seen in my 15 years with Golden Rule.

National Key Broker Account Executive, UnitedHealthOne

Turning Over a New Leaf

Last year we heard such negativity from managers and some agents that everyone was afraid of what was going to happen, but i am going to tell you that I made more money in 2011 with commission cuts than I did in 2010. NIA and Larry make selling fun, easy and as simplistic as they can.

I noticed during the change of inhouse employees, the current staff seemed to be running on their own agenda and a bit loose. It was fairly obvious what NIA was doing - out with negativity and incompetence and replaced with quality and people who do what they say they are going to do. His all new highly upbeat staff is the best move he has ever made. They are the best!

Larry is very hands on and very approachable and likes to hear ideas on how to be better. I really enjoy and love doing business with NIA. After 4 years they have never been better at what they do!


"I am just getting back to selling after a couple of years of inactivity and look forward to working with NIA again."

- J. P.

"I think NIA is a great company. I haven't been with the company for very long but everything I have experienced has been great. Everyone is helpful and knows what is going on all the time. It's been a nice and easy transition coming into the company."

- T.G.

A Great Opportunity

In hard economic times i am so grateful to work for you Larry..... after being unable to work for almost two years i appreciate NIA allowing me to pick up and go back to work for you....i turned in 3 apps last Thursday and Kathy sent over seventeen hundred dollars to my bank account today..... just five days later..... I count it no small thing to be associated with a team like NIA ..... tell Kathy i love her extra cause she is so kind on the phone and pays me well!!! I intend to show my appreciation by doing my best to be one of your best producers in the immediate future... maybe I can combine some ''old school'' tech with ''new fangled'' tech ...anyway... with 'bambam in the whitehouse it's good to work NIA !!


An Incredible Boss

Larry was an incredible boss... He really had my back... He was great at making sure that I had the resources and training to do my job... When I started with Larry, he had just a couple employees... But with Larry's business knowledge and high energy, he developed and expanded the business to include dozens of agents and administrative support... Larry helped me to get great leads and allowed me to work as much I wanted.


NIA Discount Drug Card

I was never quite sure what this card is all about. Today I needed some pharmaceuticals, and printed one for myself. A Sandoz Brand name drug which is normally $5.89 each, suddenly became $3.22 each. That gentlemen is a 45% price savings.
I was very impressed.


A Second Chance

I was basically done with health insurance and getting out of the business. I received an email from NIA and decided to call and give it a try. I was and am still shocked that I am able to make the amount of money I was used to making and back to living again. I had no idea what to do or turn, but NIA put me back on track and really gave me the support and enthusiasm to get my production up and loving my job in insurance again. Thank you, Larry


Very Satisfied

I was very ill for a couple of years, I came back to NIA and Larry and am very happy with the Health Access program. For example i sold one two days ago, it was instant approval, and the EFT Advance Commission was in my account that next day.


A Big Thank You


This message is sent to you thanking you for processing my commission yesterday. I really appreciate your kindness.

So here's a short poem written by me to show my deep felt gratitude.

Thankfulness to Kathy

She is the very best at her job as you can see
In processing my commission statements for me
Kathy, you're always so understanding and kind
No more better person at your job could we ever find

So in closing I am sending this special message to you
With heart felt appreciation being very much due
Working so very but what more can I possibly say
Here's hoping you are rewarded each and every day

Thank you for your continued understanding and assistance.