Advanced Comissions

ProSummit has been a pioneer of Advancing Commissions to our associates upon Submit and/or Issue. We feel the economic need for this is a key component to new agents, existing agents and a major reason though the years we have never stopped advancing on the submit of applications. In recent years we have perfected this system to a daily payroll to production agents, far superior to any competitor's ability and programs.

Top-Rated Carriers

Our selection of carriers provide your home with a high quality products to sell.

Over the years, ProSummit has become a powerhouse to command top contract from the top-rated carriers that you can trust will be there when its time for your customers claims, paying your commissions and providing superior service to you. Experience and stability you can trust and rely on throughout your career and life.

Advanced Technology

New, technologically advanced systems help you track your income.

ProSummit has a philosophy of keeping it easy to do business for our sales associates with very detailed websites designed for maximum information, ease of use with custom websites available to our associates keeping them focused and maintaining strong web technology behind the scenes propelling our agents into higher income levels.

National Insurance Agency

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